Stereo and Surround 5.1

With premium analog gear and selected plug-ins, I mix/master your tracks – ready for the manufacturer, online-stores, and streaming-platforms. Changes to the mix can be done quickly and efficiently.  Until everyone’s satisfied.

  • DAW: Pro Tools Ultimate, Wavelab 11, Nuendo 12, Ableton Live 12 Suite,
  • Analog: Chandler Curve Bender, Vertigo VSC-2, Dangerous Bax EQ, API 5500, Elysia museq, Smart C1,
    ADT TM204EQ, ADT TM208EQ, ADT TM130mEQ
  • Digital: Forssell MADA2, Dangerous AD+, Crane Song AvocetII, Weiss DS1-MK3, Weiss EQ1 (Softube)
  • Adjusting levels and frequencies for Hi-Fi and Bluetooth Speakers)
  • Loudness with optimum bass response and enjoyable highs
  • Stem mastering (for example, vocals and music edit separately)
  • PQ editing (ISRC, CD-Text, pauses)
  • DDP 2.0 Image, or High quality pre-master medium + copy
  • Dropbox Professional
  • Paypal accepted
  • Mastering rates (PDF)

Dubbing Productions

Vocals for films and series.

I also process (complete) vocal productions for dubbing companies.

  • eloquent vocal lyrics in German version
  • direction and vocal coaching (on site)
  • recording with dubbing actors
  • own pool to prof. singers (Voicematches)
  • choir-arrangement
  • cut and pitch correction
  • special effects: autotune, vocoder, etc.
  • final-mixed vocal stems in stereo or 5.1
  • Disney approved (Content Security, Tier 1, MediaSeal)

a few projects:

Ada Twist Scientist (Netflix), American Dad (MTV), Arlo the Alligator Boy (Netflix), Boss Baby 2 (Movie/Universal), Central Park (Apple TV+), Doug Unplugs (Apple TV+), I heart Arlo (Netflix), Knuckles (Paramount+), Stillwater (Apple TV+), Waffles&Mochi (Netflix)

(photo: FFS Berlin studio 2)