CD, AAC, MP3, Radio

  • Analog: Chandler Curve Bender, Vertigo VSC-2, Smart C1,
    ADT ToolMods 204EQ/208EQ/130mEQ
  • Digital: Forssell MADA2, Crane Song AvocetII, Wavelab 9 Pro
    Weiss DS1-MK3 (Softube), Brainworx BX v3
  • TC Pwercore MD3 Algorithmus (EQ, Multiband, MS-Matrix),
  • Adjusting levels and frequencies for Hi-Fi and Bluetooth Speakers)
  • Loudness with optimum bass response and enjoyable highs
  • Stem mastering (for example, vocals and music edit separately)
  • PQ editing (ISRC, CD-Text, pauses)
  • High quality pre-master medium + copy, or DDP 2.0 Image
  • Final inspection and Audio CD Report (Ready for the manufacturer)
  • Optional: Mastering for online-stores (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)
  • Paypal accepted, WeTransfer Plus
  • Download price list (PDF)


Stereo and Surround 5.1

With premium analog gear and selected plug-ins, I mix the respective tracks in Pro Tools. I attach great importance to a pressureful analog summation with input and output transformers – and to good AD / DA converters. To simulate rooms, halls and plate reverbs, I rely on TC6000 algorithms, and analog effects. Changes to the mix can be done quickly and efficiently.  Until all are satisfied.

  • Outboard: Rascal Analogue Tone Buss 16, 2x SSL 610, API560, Crane Song Trakker, Alan Smart C1, EL Distressor, EL DeEsser, TM109, 2x TM114, TM215b, Echolette, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Chandler Curve Bender, Vertigo VSC-2
  • Digital: Forssell MADA, Apogee DA 16x, Apogee Rosetta 800, Apogee BigBen, RME HDSPe AES, RME Digiface,
  • Monitoring: Neumann KH310, Avocet II, KRK VXT8, Sony SRS Z1, Bose Soundlink Mini II
  • Controller: Cranesong Avocet IIA
  • DAW: Pro-Tools, Nuendo 10, Ableton Live 10 Suite


Concerts. Mobile setup.

  • LocationRecordings (halls, spaces, unusual places – worldwide)
  • Production of live albums (bands, solo artists)
  • Mobile recording up to 32 channels (with miking of space and audience)
  • Recording with own preamps and backup system
  • Multi-channel recording for camera teams and broadcasting
  • Post-processing in Pro Tools, and possibly overdubs in the studio
  • Mix, including corrections, editing and mastering
  • Sample:  Super700 Live at Lido Berlin – 2012


Bands. Remixing. Sound-Design.

I lead commissioned productions of all kinds and also book an adequate recording facility for our session.

  • Studio recording with full band / solo artist / instruments
  • Vocal and choral recordings (including post and pitch correction)
  • Voice recordings (audio books, dubbing, advertising)
  • If desired, analog 24-track recording on 2-inch tape
  • Sound design for film and advertising
  • Remixing (pop, elekronica, hip-hop)

Whether digital or analog – all production steps are carried out professionally, and the project is to completion (mastering) supervised by Room4Sound.